Ancestors of Frantisek Hertous and Josefa Kubat

Frantisek Hertous and Josefa Kubat

Husband Frantisek Hertous

            AKA: Frantisek Hertous
           Born: 5 May 1803 - Stríbrec House #47, , , Czech Republic
           Died: 27 Dec 1881 - Zitec #58, , Czech Republic

         Father: Vit Hertous (1780-1837)
         Mother: Anna Marie Dvorak (      -      )

       Marriage: 23 Nov 1824


1. Biography: Hertaus Family Biography by Mary Smisek, Stríbrec, , , Czech Republic. The HERTAUS family - Stribrec

Toward the end of the year 1774 to the village Stribrec, in the Chlum estates, came a new herdsman (shepherd), not known from where, Vavrinec (Lawrence) Hertaus. He was 25-26 years old, with a wife Anna (surname unknown) At that time the parish pastor did not enter the married woman's surname. This entering of the surname was only done at the time of her wedding ceremony. Their wedding did not take place at the parish church in Lutova.

The young couple lived in the Village Shepherds house #28, which is recorded in the land records of 1773 as "on the village land". It consisted of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, cow shed, with a yard to measure 169 Square meters. Also a field and meadow for the raising of livestock.

A shepherd rented for one year and each year he had to renew. In Stribrec, this was usually done on the feast of St. Martin on November 11. A good shepherd would be able to stay for several years, sometimes until he grew old and would transfer the shepherd's staff on to his son or even grandson. In Stribrec there were usually two or three shepherds. One for cattle, one for sheep and one for pigs, which were usually grazed in the woods. Stribrec was a wealthy village where there were usually 250-300 cattle, 400 sheep and 100 pigs. At that time the shepherd also had to know how to cure a disease and also knew how to butcher. He also had to know traditional rituals and when first spring pasturing came. Pasturing started in late April or early May and lasted until November or the first snowfall. In #28 shepherd house was born five children.

Dorthea February 2, 1775
Martin November 3, 1776 - Died March 25, 1837
Anna About 1777 - Died 1848
Rozina August 13, 1778 - Died 1835
Vit June 11, 1780 - Died March 30 1837

Now the family was getting to overcrowded for the cottage. Anna was expecting a child in March of 1786 so Vavrinec Hertaus was looking for larger quarters. The found that farmer Simon Zita living on farm #7, whose wife died giving birth to their sixth child in the year 1772. The second wife of Simon, Elizabeth, was expecting their 4th child also in March. Her pregnancy was difficult and it was not common in those days to seek a doctor, so Simon Zita took the Hertaus family as renters. Anna was an experienced housekeeper and a good mother. She would also help Elizabeth with childbirth. In the house of Zita, Anna gave birth to Josefa on March 4, 1786 - died September 1, 1786.In less than three weeks, the Zita's became the parents of triplets on March 17, 1786. One child was born dead, the other two boys Josef ad Benedict died April 1, 1786. The difficult birth took the life of Elizabeth at the age of 38 years.

Before these sad events took place, the pact between Zita and Hertaus was finalized as attested to in the plat book dated January 10, 1786. Vavrinec Hertaus became owner of the house which he built on Zita's land for which he paid Zita 50 gold Rynsky. Zita did not want to lose these two good workers so that is the reason he gave them the opportunity to build on his place.

In 1734 a fire destroyed the Zita estate so Simon's predecessors built a new home where the present #7 stands. The old rock and material from the burned estate was given to Vavrinec for building his home. The house was of wood framework and was given the number 42. In this house were born two more children.

Katerina - About 1788 - Died 1790
Vaclav - September 26,1789 - He lived only 15 minutes

So they had eight children but only six reached maturity.

On September 3,1799, Anna gave her house #42 to her two children. Vit Hertaus and Anna Hertaus each received one half. Vavrinec had died in 1794. Brother Martin was older but received a yearly income from the place. He was not well so lived with brother Vit until his death at sixty years and single. Dorthea married forty year old widower Pavla Pavlise from #33 in 1800. Rozina married Jakub Roubicka from #26 - date unknown. Katerina married Jakub Blaha in 1820.

Vit and Anna co-owners of house #42 had the following fate. Vit married about 1800 to Anna Dvorak, daughter of Petr Dvorak of Pistiny. They had five children, one of who is Franz, who is the father of Matej Hertaus.

Johann - January 5, 1801 Died March 2, 1841
Franz - May 5, 1803 Died December 27, 1881
Josefa - March 2, 1809 Died June 10, 1830
Prokop - May 22, 1811
Terezie - May 29, 1815 Died October 10, 1816

Anna married in 1802. She choose Jakub who was four year younger than her, son of Simon Zita. Her sister Katerina lived with them until her marriage in 1820. This would indicate that all of them must have got along very well ever when the cottage was filled to bursting. Only in Jacob Zita, shortly after the marriage, was there a problem.

Almost as soon as he arrived at the cottage he was overcome with envy. The Zita lands were inherited by an older brother and he should be satisfied with half of a wooden cottage, which happened to stand on the grounds of his ancestral estate. Also brother-in-law, Vit, was favored because he had five healthy growing children. The Zita's had only three and all died shortly after birth. Family relations became so strained that it was impossible to live under one roof. Vit and Anna decided to divide the cottage so she would have her own entry, barn, shed and garden. This became #57.

While Vit and Anna's children were growing up, Aunt Anna decided that she and Jakub would no longer reside in cottage #57 and offered to sell it to young Franz. On August 20, 1822, Franz became the owner of #57. In 1836 Vit died and the older son Johann became the owner of #42. He was the third owner, but died in 1841 and still single. He willed his cottage to his brother Franz, who by then had married Josefa Kubat from Lutova. Four living children out of seven was a depressing reminder of life in cottage #57. So they moved into #42 and sold #57 on March 30, 1841 to Matous Liskovec from Mlaky for 264 gold pieces.

Children born to Franz and Josefa in cottage #57.

Marie Anna - January 24, 1826
Frantisek - April 28, 1828 - Died December 31, 1828
Matej - February 2, 1830
Vaclav - September 18, 1832 - Died December 1, 1832
Johann - May 5, 1838 - Died May 5, 1838
Josefa - March 7, 1840

The only living son Matej born 1830, with his wife Maria born 1837 and two daughters moved to America at the latest in 1859.

Franz's oldest daughter, Marie Anna had five illegitimate children. (one set of twins) - She later left for America with her daughter Josefa. The request for a baptismal record was dated 1872 in the church in Lutova. They emigrated to Texas. As for the illegitimate children, we came across this many times in our research. The young men were called into the army for up to 14 years, depending on what branch they were in. During this time could not marry and as long as there was no war in progress he received numbers of furloughs and as a result that furthered love affairs. The father of Marie Anna's children could have fallen in the war between Austria and Italy-France in 1859. The degraded Marie Anna went to America with her brother.

The other daughter, Anna, had two illegitimate children and Josefa died as a child. Anna Married Frantisek Cepak and lived in Zitec. Four of their children emigrate to Texas in 1885. There is a ship's manifest of Anna and Frantisek coming to Texas in 1889 with their disabled daughter Marie. No record can be found of them after that. The unfortunate and forsaken parents, Frantisek and Jose sold the cottage #42, not known when, to Jilji Rimnac of Hamr and kept one room for themselves in their retirement. There Josefa died in 1870 at 72 years of age. In 1874, Frantisek sold the room to Rimnac for 33 gold pieces and spent the remainder of his years renting the room. He die at age 80 years in 1881. With him, died the family Hertaus in Stribrec.

The new owners of house #42 and #57 built new homes and their successors keep them in very good condition. The owners of #57 have preserved the old wooden cottage of Hertaus's and keep it in excellent condition. It is the only wooden cottage in Stribrec.

The church in Lutova first mentioned from 1349 was rebuilt in 1875. Here was baptized, married and at the church cemetery, buried all Hertaus from the neighboring Village Stribrec.

Research for this article was done by Frantisek Kodl

2. Baptism: 5 May 1803, St. Jan Nepomucky Catholic Church, Stríbrec, , , Czech Republic. House number 47

Father: Vit Hertaus - Cottager
Mother: Marie nee Dovrak

3. Probate: 22 Feb 1822, Stríbrec House #57, , , Czech Republic. Franz Hertaus house Nb 57

On the day and year mentioned below there happened the following indefeasible agreement between Franz Hertaus (an incoming person) after his own father Vit Hertaus as a buyer on the one hand and between Jan and Anna Zitas as the sellers on the other hand.
1.They Jakub and Anna Zitas are selling and they really sold their cottage Nb 57 at Stribrec with all the equipments. The cottage consists of:1 house-place, 1 kitchen, 1 kitchen cabinet, a barn, a small shed and a courtyard. Franz Hertaus as a new owner is to pay ...200 golden silver coins with a clause that he, Franz Hertaus is to move to the cottage just now on the day when the record is written up and he is obligated to carry all the real burdens.
2.Buyer Franz Hertaus is as the last will of his father Vit Heratus says to pay the above mentioned sum 200 golden silver coins instead of Jakub and Anna Zitas in the following way. Namely:
To the inheritors of Anna Hertausova at their every request ..........5 goldens 3 creutzers (in banknotes) or in silver 2 goldens 20creutzers
To Katerina Blahova nee Hertausova 30 goldens (in banknotes) or in silver 12 goldens
Just now in cash120 goldens
Jakub and Anna Zitas, husband and wife confirm receiving the sum.
Other remaining persons...............65 goldens 40 creutzers
(It will be paid in instalments)
3.The Zitas undertake to leave the cottage after last payment.
4.There are following duties on the cottage:
to pay all the imperial and royal taxes and to subserve other duties
to pay to the gracious suzerain yearly: 3 creutzers of interest
3 Wiennese merka
(=3,843 l, English translation does not exist)
13 days to work in the manual corveé
to pay the rental 21 creutzers to the Zita´s farmhouse Nb 7 every year
That happened at Chlum on 22 nd February 1822

+++ Jakub Zita (illiterate)+++Franc Hertaus, an incoming owner
+++ Anna Zitova+++Wit Hertaus his father
(husband and wife) resigningJohann Ssandera,the reeve,witness
Wenzl Miechura, the witness

4. Probate: 31 Dec 1842, Stríbrec House #42, , , Czech Republic. The record made for Franz Hertaus

Cottager Johann Hertaus died at the beginning of the year 1842 and the cottage Nb 42 at Stribrec (Silberlos) was transferred to his brother Frantisek Hertaus for ...............
400 goldens with the permission of the suzerain.
There are following shares from the cottage: brother Prokop, mother Anna and Marie Zitova(unpaid part of the price of the plot under the cottage)

Johann Hertaus´ testament was published on 9 th March 1842
This record was written up into the farmground book on 31 st December 1842

Wife Josefa Kubat

           Born: 16 Apr 1797 - Lutová House #21, , , Czech Republic
           Died: 13 Dec 1870 - Stríbrec House #42, , , Czech Republic

         Father: Jan Kubat (1776-      )
         Mother: Anna Marie Honsa (Cir 1775-      )

1 F Marie Anna Hertous

            AKA: Herthaus, Hertous, Hertuss, Marie Kopetsky
           Born: 27 Jan 1826 - Stríbrec House #57, , , Czech Republic
           Died: 10 Dec 1895 - McLennan County, Texas
         Buried:  - St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, West, McLennan County, Texas
         Spouse: Common Law
         Spouse: John Kopecky
           Marr: 18 Jan 1875 - Fayetteville, Fayette, Texas, USA

2 M Frantisek Hertaus

           Born: 28 Apr 1828 - Stríbrec, , , Czech Republic
           Died: 31 Dec 1828

3 M Matej Hertaus

            AKA: Michael
           Born: 2 Feb 1830 - Stríbrec House #57, , , Czech Republic
           Died: 24 May 1909 - New Prague, Minnesota
         Buried: 27 May 1909 - Saint Wenceslaus Cemetery, New Prague, MN - Scott County
         Spouse: Mary Barta
           Marr: 31 Jan 1853 - Stríbrec, , , Czech Republic

4 M Vaclav Hertaus

           Born: 18 Sep 1832
           Died: 1 Dec 1832

5 F Anna Hertous

            AKA: Anezka Hertousova
           Born: 18 Sep 1832 - Stríbrec House #57, , , Czech Republic
           Died: After 1890
         Spouse: Frantisek Cepak
           Marr: 21 Nov 1859 - Zitec, , , Czech Republic

6 M Jan Hertaus

           Born: 5 May 1838
           Died: 5 May 1838

7 F Josefa Hertaus

           Born: 7 Mar 1840

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